Hot Yoga Plus Postures & Benefits #9

Builds muscle strength

This is an elegant animation created in After Effects 2020. This project will present your logo in an elegant and stylish way. It gives you logo revealer created by your swinging logo which comes to the center of your screen.

After Effects 2020 

No plug-in required 

Very fast render 

Easy for customize project

HD Resolution

Follow that thing that sparks your curiosity. Let go of the need to be “good” at it. Let it teach you something new. Let it reveal to you a new side to yourself, through the enjoyment of the process. Visualize yourself doing it, over and over. Stay consistent. Remind yourself of the “why”. Consistency is where it will get good. That’s where change and transformation happen, through that dedication to the process.

I breathe in, I love my body. I breathe out, I am home in my body.

One of my favorite mantras, and a script from my class “love letters to my body – I am beautiful.”
I have always been conscious of the inner dialogue when it comes to our bodies; for a while. However; now that God has blessed me with a baby girl, I am more aware of it than ever. I want to teach her that she is perfect exactly as she is, she is so much more than her physical appearance, and her body is so much more than what it looks like.
This is a message to you, too. You are perfect exactly as you are. You are missing nothing.
Our bodies are sacred, beautiful, infinitely wise – and don’t you believe anything that tells you otherwise.